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More of the Ruins of Uxmal

I’ve been experimenting with some older shots of the ruins of Uxmal, Yucatán, post processing the raw images in color and then converting to black and white with additional manipulations. The resulting images are reminiscent of film noir. I could see them in the pages of a ‘pyramid treasure-robbing thriller”.

Domes and Facades

School adjacent to Parque Santiago, Mérida, Yucatán

Franciscan Church, Uman, Yucatán

Fachada -Franciscan Church, Uman, Yucatán

Maya building with thatched roof -outside Uxmal, Yucatán


The Iguana of Uxmal

This handsome fellow would not let me close enough to get a really good photo. He had just emerged from a dark room in one of the ruins for a bit of sun.

Uxmal -Yucatán, Mexico

We arrived in Mexico a few days ago and one of our first excursions was to Uxmal, a beautiful Mayan ruin located about an hour south of Mérida. Once again, our schedule had us there early afternoon and the sun was very bright. The site is much larger than I imagined and is one of the most ornate and well-constructed of the Mayan cities.

Templo del Adivino

Side view

Lone outbuilding