Alberto Castillo Ku….

Latest addition to our collection: Untitled by Alberto Castillo Ku, 1920 – 2010, Yucatán. Castillo became friends with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Mexico City in the 1940´s. After a period in Acapulco and the United States, he returned to his family home in Mérida where he lived until his death._MG_7936

3 thoughts on “Alberto Castillo Ku….

  1. Do you have a collection of his art?? My partner, who died, last year was a close friend of his I still have some of his paintings here at home.


  2. We lived in Merida back in 1989 and had the pleasure of knowing Alberto and are happy to have his paintings all over our home. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much information on alberto on the internet. We plan to leave his paintings to the Tucson Art Museum when we pass – does anyone know the value or where I could find out. thanks, Maudene Fruehwirth


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