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Wandering Through the Neighborhood

Stag Gate

Antique Shop with Toucan inside

Thirteen Flags at Sunset

…or Eleven Mermaids in a Row

Red Sails in the Sunset


Cloud Attack

X & O’s

Lost at Sky


The Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia is a trendy and popular destination for sidewalk dining and people watching. Colley Avenue is home to numerous restaurants, shops and the NARO Expanded Cinema, the beloved art repertory theater. Some of the old building facades were seemingly  last renovated in the 1950’s. There is, of course, a Starbucks, and more recently, Chipotle Grill, but most of the businesses are still locally owned. A watering hole for the nearby university and medical school students, the area is a throwback to 1950’s Norfolk with a kitschy vibe.

This way

Yummy Wok

Kitsch -looks like someone made away with the blue tire.

Kitsch II

1950’s Storefront

Curves II

Mermaid -bw

Flood gate -bw


River Town

The Elizabeth River is a busy, urban, working river. Standing at Waterside (in the background with blue roof), one can watch an array of ships, including freighters, war ships, working tugs and an occasional tall ship flying a foreign flag. Home to one of the busiest harbors on the East coast and the largest naval base in the world, Norfolk, Virginia is proud of its nautical history.

Red ship with tug


Tug II