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After years of point and shoot photography I enrolled in a professional course with The Photography Institute. I knew that if I tried to learn all that I needed to know on my own, I would just become lost and confused. I hesitated to begin the course because it is entirely online and I wondered if lacking the presence of an instructor would somehow diminish the experience. I was not disappointed. The course teaches everything one needs to begin a career as a professional photographer.  Of course, having a diploma in hand does not make one a great photographer. That takes time and a LOT of practice. I’m now retired so a grand career is probably not in the cards, but I’m having a blast and learning something new almost daily. Five years ago my partner and I  retired in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Moving to a foreign country can be daunting, but we have managed quite well and now enjoy the many wonders of this amazing city as well as the many friends we have met along the way. Photographic opportunities in this incredible country are boundless. My primary interest is urban architecture, but I also enjoy anything that captures the daily rhythm of life in any city or town. I enjoy discovering unique photographic opportunities. I hope you will follow along with me as I explore. I especially appreciate your comments and ‘likes.’


The Photography Institute offers a program designed by George Seper,  internationally known food, fashion and interiors photographer.

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  1. 03/29/2012

    Uncle John,
    I love the photos…the clarity is amazing and I LOVE how you capture buildings with unique objects in the foreground. The feminine side of me loves the flower and berries! Amazing… Hope you are well…love u and bravo on your hobby!

  2. 04/5/2012

    I love your work and I look forward to those Mexico pictures.

  3. 04/5/2012

    Thanks Scott. I’ll be checking out your posts regularly. Beautiful work.

  4. 04/16/2012

    retired from 2 years now, I welcome you in this community!!! Please, many photos from yucatan (and with living angels there, also)…

    • 04/16/2012

      Thanks for commenting. As a matter of fact , I will be in Yucatan next week and hope to get some great photos.

  5. 06/21/2012
    Photographs by Peter Knight

    Wow, some really good pictures here, really interesting. Look forward to seeing some more of your posts!

  6. 06/21/2012

    Thanks Peter. I’m enjoying your blog as well. You have some really great images.

  7. 06/26/2012
    Mary Frank Bradshaw Hudson

    Wow, Bro! Absolutely outstanding photos!! Love your work and love you!

  8. 06/28/2012

    Great images!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Looking forward to your Yucatan images!!!

    • 06/28/2012

      Thanks so much. Yucatan will be sporatic for about one more year, then full time.

  9. 03/29/2018
    Karla Miller

    I know I’m going to enjoy this! Someday call me and we’ll go together looking for the cool shots!!!!


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