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After years of point and shoot photography I enrolled in a professional course with The Photography Institute. I knew that if I tried to learn all that I needed to know on my own, I would just become lost and confused. I hesitated to begin the course because it is entirely online and I wondered if lacking the presence of an instructor would somehow diminish the experience. I was not disappointed. The course teaches everything one needs to begin a career as a professional photographer.  Of course, having a diploma in hand does not make one a great photographer. That takes time and a LOT of practice. I’m nearing retirement so a grand career is probably not in the cards, but I’m having a blast and learning something new almost daily. My partner and I  will soon be relocating to Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Moving to a foreign country can be daunting, but we are excited about the new adventure ahead. Photographic opportunities in this amazing country are boundless. My primary interest is urban architecture, but I also enjoy anything that captures the daily rhythm of life in any city or town. I enjoy discovering unique photographic opportunities. I hope you will follow along with me as I explore. I especially appreciate your comments and ‘likes.’


The Photography Institute offers a program designed by George Seper,  internationally known food, fashion and interiors photographer.

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  1. 03/29/2012

    Uncle John,
    I love the photos…the clarity is amazing and I LOVE how you capture buildings with unique objects in the foreground. The feminine side of me loves the flower and berries! Amazing… Hope you are well…love u and bravo on your hobby!

  2. 04/5/2012

    I love your work and I look forward to those Mexico pictures.

  3. 04/5/2012

    Thanks Scott. I’ll be checking out your posts regularly. Beautiful work.

  4. 04/16/2012

    retired from 2 years now, I welcome you in this community!!! Please, many photos from yucatan (and with living angels there, also)…

    • 04/16/2012

      Thanks for commenting. As a matter of fact , I will be in Yucatan next week and hope to get some great photos.

  5. 06/21/2012
    Photographs by Peter Knight

    Wow, some really good pictures here, really interesting. Look forward to seeing some more of your posts!

  6. 06/21/2012

    Thanks Peter. I’m enjoying your blog as well. You have some really great images.

  7. 06/26/2012
    Mary Frank Bradshaw Hudson

    Wow, Bro! Absolutely outstanding photos!! Love your work and love you!

  8. 06/28/2012

    Great images!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Looking forward to your Yucatan images!!!

    • 06/28/2012

      Thanks so much. Yucatan will be sporatic for about one more year, then full time.


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