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Angels in America II

Angel contemplating -black and white



Fallen angel


Entrance to the tomb





Angels in America

These images were shot at Oak Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia, mid-day,  the worst time of day to shoot. However, that is when I could slip away.  I intend to return soon -late afternoon- to get some really great light and beautiful images.

This reminded me of Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize winning play

Watching you...

Angel missing hands

Angel with Cross

Littlest Angel -oil filter

Iron and Ivy



There are many beautiful old churches, cathedrals, and temples in Norfolk. This is one of my favorites – The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Happy Easter.


The Virgin Mary and cherubs -black & white





Navy Town


Sailor- bronze

Boat with tug- oil filter

Reflection-Stars and Stripes

Mermaid fountain

Red Boat with tug

Two columns -oil filter

These are just some random scenes from downtown. The boat was shot from across the river in Old Town Portsmouth. Sometimes, a not so perfect exposure can be rescued  by employing a special filter during post-processing. In the case of the oil filter, the print can be made to look like an oil painting (sort of). It’s fun playing with these filters.